Bone Biology and Orthopaedic Research

Progress reports

Program Progress Report DBMR, Spring Semester 2018

Wednesdays, 12.30h – 13.30h, Room MEM/ H810, Murtenstrasse 35
Contact: Willy Hofstetter, Bone Biology & Orthopaedic Research

March 07, 2018

Speaker: Jonas Koch
Title: DNA-PK regulates the radio-sensitivity and oncogenicity of MET addicted cancer cell lines via a novel MET phosphosite

March 21, 2018

Speaker: Astrid A. Glück
Title: Characterizing the function of a novel ubiquitination site on histone variant H2AX identified via
shotgun proteomics

April 04, 2018

IFIK (Prof. S. Hapfelmeier)
Speaker: Olivier Schären
Title: Immune adaptation biases intestinal bacteria-bacteria competition

April 18, 2018

Gastroenterology / Mucosal Immunology
Speaker: Anna Wenning
Title: Influence of microbiota on development of skin barrier

May 02, 2018

Gastroenterology / Mucosal Immunology
Speaker: Marcel Sorribas
Title: Gut-vascular barrier in liver cirrhosis: entry site for bacterial translocation from the gut to the liver
independent from portal hypertension and lymphatic route

May 16, 2018

Gastroenterology / Mucosal Immunology
Speaker: Catherine Mooser
Title: Gnotobiology and next-generation sequencing techniques as tools to study dietary influences on the

May 30, 2018

Cardiovascular Surgery
Speaker: Maria-Nieves Sanz  & Maria Arnold
Title: Cardioprotective reperfusion strategies in a rat model of DCD heart transplantation: Underlying
mitochondrial and metabolic mechanisms

June 13, 2018

Cardiovascular Surgery
Speaker: Natalia Mendez Carmona & Rahel Wyss
Title: Characterization and protection of cardiac endothelium and mitochondria to facilitate DCD heart